JUUL is now here!


JUUL is available here at Apothic Vapes, in-store only though. 

Kit only, no pods:  $44.99
Pods 4pk, 6 flavors avail.:  $20.99

We will not be selling these products online at the request of JUUL Canada as an additional deterrence to minors.  Apothic Vapes has been vigilant about refusing sales to minors from day one, well before it was illegal to sell or supply vaping products to minors even.   While vape shop owners and vape companies have no control over who an adult customer gives their vape to, we would like to remind you that its not just illegal for us, it is illegal for you too!  The law is clear:  "it is illegal to sell or supply e-cigarrettes to anyone under 19yrs of age" in Ontario.
JUUL is under a lot of fire in the U.S. (as well as Blue, Vuze, MarkTen and Logic) due to the "epidemic" of teen vaping.  The laws are even stricter in many U.S. states yet Teens are still able to get their hands on these products  Sure there are rogue shops run by sleazy owners who thumb their nose at the law, but there are far more adults who think its no big deal and purchase vaping products on behalf of minors.  Please don't be that person or we could very well see these heavy handed FDA tactics in operation here before we know it!

Have a great day and vape on, responsibly!

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