Anti-vaping Propaganda, what to do about it?


The news is full of bad news about vaping in America and it has obviously spilled over to our "news" outlets in Canada.  Our social networks are overloaded with people sharing sensational headlines like "Teenager inches from death after lungs fail from vaping", and "SIXTH death from mystery vaping disease". 

What should concern you most is the fact that these articles are full of speculation and accusatory tone, but light on facts.  Even after the FDA cleared the air on Friday to highlight the most likely culprit, black market pre-filled THC  tanks sold in the U.S.
And the CDC somewhat followed suit soon after, as reported by USAToday

There is little we can do about it, complaining about the inaccuracy of the media reporting on this subject does nothing.  Our health professionals don't seem to read past the headlines either, so what we end up with is quite ironic.  More than ever, smokers are believing that vaping is worse for them than smoking, so they will continue to risk being among the 100 or so Canadians that will die of smoking related disease and illnesses today.

What CAN you do about it? 
-Spread the word that traditional vaping as an alternative to smoking tobacco is not the cause of this flash outbreak of illnesses. 
-Go to our facebook page and hit the follow button.  Share the articles we have been sharing for a month about this issue.  Say whatever you can to get people to actually READ the articles, and not just the headline.
-DON'T share the negative propaganda articles you are seeing elsewhere, even to complain about them, don't be part of the problem.  
-DO participate in the comments sections of these negative articles, you will find you are one of many that are properly educated on these matters.  You will see that for every one person that comments "told you vaping was bad!", you will also see 5 people trying to educate with the facts.

And lastly, if the negative press has gotten to you don't reward them by going back to smoking.  It's exactly what they want out of this, and it only hurts you!  Remember, smoking will kill upwards of 36000 Canadians this year, non THC vaping hasn't killed anyone, not even Juul.

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