Now Carrying Allo Ultra 800 Disposables!

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Now Carrying Allo Ultra 800 Disposables!

Disposable vapes are such a rip off, not to mention so much environmental waste, but everyone wants to waste their money on them these days! 

So, against our better judgement, Apothic Vapes tested various disposable products and found the best testing and best bang for you buck.

Introducing the Allo Ultra 800 Disposables!  Just $13 each for 800 puffs.  And in a bid to reduce the environmental impact, we are offering $1 off your next Allo Ultra 800 when you return your dead one (in-store only).

If you are unable to return your expired device to the store, please dispose of it in a garbage can at least, don't be a litterbug loser!

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