Salt Nix™

Salt Nix™ NITE 3mg 60ml

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The flavor crafter behind the E-Apothecary lines never disappoints.  Powered by sub ohm Salt Nix™, these flavors are as good as they look and smoother than expected.  It almost feels like there is no nicotine on the inhale, so you get to enjoy the flavor and subtle nic hit without even a hint of harshness.

LUSH (Green)

A burst of watermelon with a luscious mix of mouthwatering green apple and fresh strawberry. Lush promises incredibly dense and well balanced flavour for those who crave a boldly refreshing e-liquid.

BLOOM (Purple)

A tropical fusion of pink guava and dragon fruit, infused with bright orange and pineapple. This exotic blend offers a sweet and juicy inhale followed by a tangy exhale.


CRAZE (Blue)

A jolting blend of blue raspberry and lemon with hints of sweet pomegranate; Craze is the ultimate blue raspberry vape! With sweet and tart melding to perfection, this flavour is sure to excite.