My Von Erl Kit


VON ERL. creates a new category at the vaping market with its new My. VON ERL. 
The great vaping performance of an e-cigarette combined with the modern design of a cigalike. The battery with 350 mAh guarantees a great vaping performance. The VON ERL. Liquidpods for this e-cigarette give you an intense vaping pleasure with a great taste.
The Liquidpods are already filled and easy to change.

Its about as close to simulating smoking as you are going to get.
Fits great in any pocket or purse, has no buttons to push, no tinkering to make it work its best and minimal leakage issues.  It also makes a great secondary device for a night out, or ninja vaping in places that may frown upon vaping.

Included in delivery:
1 My. VON ERL. e-cigarette with a 350 mAh battery and a filled VON ERL. Tabak Liquidpod (Tobacco flavour 18 mg/ml)
1 USB battery charger
1 Manual

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