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We apologize for the long delay in being able to process credit card payments after TD Merchant Services canned all vape shops.  But we are finally able to accept Visa and Mastercard.  Email Money Transfer (EMT) will remain an available option on the payment screen. Remember to set the password to:   apothicfiveAs you can see we have been updating the product lines again and aim to have our full selection available online by the end of the month.

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#abillionlives, Amherstburgh, B&M, Bill45, Herbal Vaporizor, lasalle, tecumseh, vape, Vape Shop, windsor -

If you are wondering what kind of vape shop this is and what to expect when you come in, check out our short video on our Yelp page!  You can also click the following link to go straight to the source:  http://www.smartshoot.com/profile/refer/referral/420f817c65a7c10875a11fc2f19f5133/

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#abillionlives, Amherstburgh, B&M, Bill45, lasalle, tecumseh, Vape Shop, windsor -

Apothic Vapes has been a member of the Canadian Vaping Association (CVA).  We serve Lasalle, Windsor, Amherstburgh, Tecumseh and the rest of Essex county within driving distance, we even have customers drive down from as far as London and Sarnia. As the owner of this shop and vaper who is 2.5years tobacco free thanks to vaping, I have been outspoken online and in person while advocating for the continued use and acceptance of Vaping.  I have chosen the CVA as the organization that best reflects our values and opposition to some of the legislation contained within section 3 Bill 45 (Making...

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