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Salut, hello!  This won't be a long post, I just want to let you know about a couple of new products I think you'll love as much as I do.

First off, the Aspire Cyber S open pod kit is phenomenal!  In 2022 the best tasting pod system was the Aspire Flexus.  It had the best flavor in the industry, a rugged design, changeable coils so less waste, super fast charging...BUT, the pod design proved faulty and you needed a new pod every month or two which turned a lot of people off the device entirely!

Meet the new upgraded design, the Cyber S.  Everything about it is improved, which is why they didn't bother calling the Flexus 2.  Read up on our product page ( ) to see why this is the open pod kit for 2023, probably until Aspire finds something to improve on this one.  How do you improve perfection though?

Next up is Don Cristo Black.  So, speaking of naturally extracted Cigar flavors, Don Cristo has long been the gold standard for an authentic Monte Cristo vaping experience.  With it's flavor base created by steeping real Monte Cristo cigars for 90 days, this has been as close to vaping the real thing as you can get!  But they've outdone themselves with this new Don Cristo Black, the same flavor but it's somehow richer, fuller, bolder than before.  So much so that I felt like I hadn't even had the real Don Cristo until I vaped this.  And it's just as enjoyable in my Aspire Cyber S as it is in my Aspire Guroo subtank!  
Available here in freebase 3mg 60ml bottles (contact if you want stronger), or Salt Nic 10/20mg 30ml bottles here

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