Important note on French language support and valid email addresses!


Apothic Vapes is not only the best vape shop in this region, it is also bilingual!  We have staff that are fluent in french, if you have a question and feel more comfortable speaking french, please call us and ask for Miguel.
Apothic vapes n'est pas seulement le meilleur magasin de vape dans la region,nous sommes aussi bilingue. Si vous avez des questions ou que vous vous sentez plus comfortable a parler en francais, appeler nous et demander de parler a Miguel.
As for your email address, when you sign up for an account please provide a valid email address you know is working and you have access to!  We have a had a few customers who we cannot send email too.  When you place your order, your order is confirmed by email as well as your tracking numbers.  You will get none of this information if you provide us an invalid email address.  If you are one of these people, please create a new email which is totally free from online providers like gmail, hotmail, and yahoo!

Je vous remercie pour votre soutien !
Happy shopping!

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