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Apothic Vapes has been a member of the Canadian Vaping Association (CVA).  We serve Lasalle, Windsor, Amherstburgh, Tecumseh and the rest of Essex county within driving distance, we even have customers drive down from as far as London and Sarnia. As the owner of this shop and vaper who is 2.5years tobacco free thanks to vaping, I have been outspoken online and in person while advocating for the continued use and acceptance of Vaping.  
I have chosen the CVA as the organization that best reflects our values and opposition to some of the legislation contained within section 3 Bill 45 (Making "healthier" choices act).  This bill is poised to make it far more difficult for a new vaper to make the switch from cancer sticks.  It will also cripple medical marijuana users with much cleaner herbal vaporizers.
Smokers are already used to being pariahs so it will not effect their ability and desire to keep smoking and dying, but without being given options and being shown how to use vaping products safely and effectively, without being able to taste and feel the experience, smokers will be a lot more likely to continue smoking.  
Currently the CVA has many battlefronts across Canada.  In Ontario they are fighting to have an exemption on the indoor vaping ban for vape shops so that you can still come in and try out some flavors.  This way you can spend your money on something you know you will like, instead of pulling out your wallet and hoping for the best.  
The CVA has also launched a lawsuit against the government of Quebec for their draconian legislation in Bill 44 which has forced the shops out there to shutter everything including their websites and facebook pages!  Apparently our constitutional right to freedom of speech is even under threat by the nanny state. 
We invite you to check out the CVA website, see if their views are close enough to yours and worth donating to.  Lobbying and legal battles against stubborn, misinformed nanny state governments are not cheap.  Governments who have been presented with a mountain of evidence that vaping is not smoking, that vaping is "at least 95% safer than smoking", that there is less than a 1% chance of harm to bystanders and that vaping doesn't lead to youth smoking but has in fact greatly contributed to the significant drop in smoking youth!  Governments who aren't responding to the evidence, so we must fight.  Will you fight with us?
#abillionlives , watch for it!

Warm regards,

Jason Haney

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